E L I Z A B E T H   C O N G D O N

Painting is a passionate endeavor where I find a soulful space to challenge my imagination and skills. My work has become a diary written with pigment and brush, ever searching for truth, even in the feelings and thoughts that most scare me.  Painting is a constant point of choices, asking, "what if?" and "what now?" f arcing me into the present to capture the fleeting moments of beauty and happiness.

Small studies painted on wood panels allow me to move through ideas radidly whrever I am.  The  ease makes the studies both accessible and affordable.

Plein-air painting is to be literally  wrapped up in nature, capturing fleeting moments of time which are at once unique and reminiscent.

Still lifes are never still.  Always the flowers are in movement, turning in shadow and light, reaching out to be painted. 

I paint interiors from my childhood to experience moments I have felt true sanctuary,  and to connect me with the people I love.

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8 India Street

Nantucket , MA 



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